Catrine Val
The female wisdom

Asphyxia. Pioneers of the Heart


Asphyxia. Pioneers of the Heart, 2019
in collaboration the University of Bedfordshire, Schools of Art & Design, UK

The series Asphyxia explores the image of young promising fashion designers in the context of modern British society.

Only a few junctions from London‘s high Fashion spotlights is Luton School of Art and Design Department – at the University of Bedfordshire, a cocoon of creativity. All are welcomed if they have the talent, desire and persistence to become part of the Fashion industry. The college provides students with the necessary support to help them achieve their dreams visions and ambitions.  Rather than producing homogenized graduates the students are encouraged to bring their life experience to the table with all its cultural and intellectual diversity.

For months, I accompanied these young aspiring fashion designers with my camera on their way to their final fashion design degree show. These students all have migrant backgrounds with stories to inspire.  They are all the first generation of woman in their family to have entered higher education.  Each one of them opens up a surprising powerful, and personal story that questions the kind of world we live in.  My project cats light on their vision.